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About Us

"Travelling Leaves You Speechless, and Then Turns You into a Storyteller"

The Inception of The Unmad was based on the moto to provide a serene and peaceful place where the travelers could get a chance to rediscover themselves. It's a majestic place in the Dharamkot in the Kangra Valley of Himalayan Range in Himachal Pradesh. Started By Three Creative Professionals who understand the basic needs for an evolved as well as purified mind body and soul, THE UNMAD gives you a chance to meet yourself when you are away from the steel jungles. It is a place that offers you the chance to keep every breath in account and make every heartbeat count.

At THE UNMAD, you will be in a state of meditation without even meditating.

Look around and you will find skyscrapers, ultra-luxury facilities, and fast-moving cars but still won't find peace. When you are in such a mess, you want to visit a place where you can simply be yourself. THE UNMAD is that place.

Life is not a novel but a compilation of hundreds and millions of stories you experience throughout the journey of your life. Travel, explore and experience. So, if you want to experience something magical, do visit THE UNMAD.

When you are sitting peacefully, sipping a cup of coffee, looking at the big-vast mountains in front of you; the inward journey begins. To discover your true being, visit THE UNMAD - the place for peace. .

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Our Team

"Travelling Leaves You Speechless, and Then Turns You into a Storyteller"

THE UNMAD was incepted by the professionals who have been contributing their bit into the creative world from a long time.
A while after roaming in to the steel jungles of Delhi and Mumbai, we felt that every mind has a saturation point and at that point,
you need to give your mind a break surrender yourself completely to the nature.

Aparna Saha

Adventure Guide
An artist, a cook and a beautiful human being by nature. Besides being one of the finest Art Directors in the advertising faculty, Aparna Saha is a vivid traveler. She has been traveling since last many years and now she understands what a nomadic mind wants and that's what she is giving to the fellow wanderers through THE UNMAD to satisfy their wanderlust.

Krishan Pandey

Adventure Guide
Krishan Pandey is one of the finest Copywriters and Ideators in the Advertising world. He is a writer with four books to his name. He is one fine traveler which makes him one of the thousands of nomadic wanderers who are always in search of a new adventure. His storytelling sessions and his warm hospitality along with the magnificent views of nature are the best treats for the guests of THE UNMAD.


Adventure Guide
A writer and musician by passion and a businessman by profession, Dhananjay has a hobby of traveling new places every now and then. This hobby of traveling made him realize that how a nomadic mind works and his contribution to the idea of THE UNMAD has been to provide the guests of THE UNMAD everything that makes them feel lost yet feel like being at home.